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Add websocket support to node.js

While socket.io does allow alternatives such as xhr-polling, these fallbacks are nowhere near as powerful and fast as websockets, which are becoming more and more often used.

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    RogerRoger shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Scott StenslandScott Stensland commented  · 

        +3 votes here - any node.js hosting service ***MUST*** provide websockets - I am moving off AppFog - they have had more than enough time to get this working

      • JesseJesse commented  · 

        Thought about moving here from Heroku- but without websocket support and it's been over a year! Yikes! Voted +3 but most likely won't be here when websockets get release- doesn't look like anytime soon!

      • Wow! still no update on this. You acquired Nodester (a free node.js PaaS) who sufficiently supported websockets and seems you cannot incorporate/replicate their infrastructure/technology with your own systems. This is kind of incomprehensible. Would it be too much to ask when we are all expected to hear from you with an ETA or whether or not you will be supporting this at all please.

        Its been a year since we first enquired about this and only once has their been some weak feedback.

        Please, can you kindly do the public a favour and let us know what's going on.

        Thank You.

      • Peter JenkinsPeter Jenkins commented  · 

        Ping! ETA?

        This is mandatory for me to start using AppFog. Otherwise I will use a competitor or EC2. Not socket.io, must be pure websockets.

      • RogerRoger commented  · 

        Can we get an actual answer?
        If it's honestly going to take a while to add, then please let us know, rather than just dragging us along.

      • TracyTracy commented  · 

        Hi everyone

        We're working on it. That's all I can tell you right now - sorry about that.!

        ~Tracy | AppFog | Tech Support Engineer

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Any news about this issue? When are we going to have websockets on appfog?
        There are any other free hosting alternative?

      • jonjon commented  · 

        I'm looking at node.js hosting options, and while a lot of things about AppFog seem positive, the lack of responsiveness on this issue is a big red flag to me.

      • KaloopKaloop commented  · 

        More than 2 months after, still no feedback from AppFog...

        Please, do something!!!

      • Ex-Nodester UserEx-Nodester User commented  · 

        Tracy?.Anyone...? Please can you let kindly let us know that little 'SOMETHING'. Thank you.

      • DamianDamian commented  · 

        wow, I don't know why you keep ignoring community with such a case. 3 votes for this.

      • KaloopKaloop commented  · 

        It's been a month since last post from AppFog on this... Do you have some news about it?


      • TracyTracy commented  · 

        Good afternoon, AppFog Community,

        I am new to AppFog (this is my first week - I'm one of your new Technical Support Engineers), but I wanted to at least acknowledge your requests even though I don't have any sort of ETA (yet) on getting this particular feature completed. We do see the requests in the community as well as the votes and pleas for getting this done. Our support team is the main one to respond to the community at large and it has been undergoing transitions (i.e. we're adding new people, and getting them up to speed - myself being one of them). Please be assured that we aren't ignoring this and that we're working on the items on our feature roadmaps page as quickly as we can - the socket support being one of those features.

        I will be nudging the Devs to see if they have any sort of ETA on this and hopefully will try to post at least SOMETHING to the community page as soon as I get a definitive answer from them (even if it's a "we had to delay this because of X" answer).

        Again, I do apologize for the delays both in responding and in getting the features going for you guys. Apparently it's been an interesting few months here and transitions are always a bit tricky to negotiate in terms of juggling people, applications, businesses, etc.

        We appreciate all of you out there, and hope you have a bit more patience while we dig up some answers for you.

        ~ Tracy | App Fog Support Engineer

      • DannyDanny commented  · 

        without native websockets, i could not consider appfog as production hosting candidate.

        Frankly, I'm considering moving my sandbox because I'm trying to demonstrate to my dev group how much better our app could be with sockets AS OPPOSED to polling.

        Yes, socket.io does a great job of abstracting away this complexity from developers and older browsers... but that holds true for any hosting provider. Socket support would make appfog a standout for node hosting. The other features are great... it's just missing this really really important thing.

      • PrabsPrabs commented  · 

        Dear appfog, I must have been spoilt by Nodester with supported websockets. I was led to believe this was something you were working hard to achieve early 2013 but it just seems to be taking a while without an updated status. Isn't incorporating the infrastructure from Nodester, that already did a great job with this, meant to transition as smooth as possible as you said it would in Aug 2012? I do not wish to be rude, but please kindly shed some light here and perhaps offer a close ETA of when you aim to support it. Thank you very much.

      • Ali AshrafAli Ashraf commented  · 

        Yeah, OpenShift provides websockets. Lets hope Appfog does the same.

      • MauroMauro commented  · 

        I agree with all of you!!! Websockets are the main reason to run node.js. Maybe it's a lot of resource spending for a provider, but it's necessary! 3 vote up!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I echo what everyone else said. 3 votes for this, it's one of the key reasons to run Node.

        Love you guys appfog! hope you can crack this nut soon!

      • dan rodendan roden commented  · 

        i think it's fairly disgraceful customer service that you continue to ignore everybody's requests for updates on this. even if it's a "sorry guys it's more complex that we thought" or "it will be within the next x months"... etc.. as mentioned below it is one of the key reasons to run a node.js solution so it amazes me the way you are ignoring this.

        i've tried various routes to get an answer from appfog but you always get a generic response telling you nothing useful.

        i am currently seeing whether pivotals cloud foundry 2 supports this and will switch my paid plan to there once i've done the maths on their awkward pricing model

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