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Add websocket support to node.js

While socket.io does allow alternatives such as xhr-polling, these fallbacks are nowhere near as powerful and fast as websockets, which are becoming more and more often used.

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    RogerRoger shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  David GardnerDavid Gardner responded  · 

    Web sockets will be supported on AppFog v2 (Target date: 1H2014), but not in AppFog v1 (current version) because v1 is based on Cloud Foundry v1, which doesn’t support Web sockets.


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      • IffiIffi commented  · 

        Nice Post, I hardly found useful post which contains real and useful information. I am 100% sure who ever read your post will definitely going to learn something useful.

      • chris.sterlingAdminchris.sterling (Admin, AppFog) commented  · 

        AppFog v2 will be available in 1st half of this year. We'll be conducting a Limited Beta in Q2 and are looking for candidates to be provide feedback. Please let me know if you're interested in learning more about the AppFog v2 Limited Beta when it becomes available.

      • Walid SamiWalid Sami commented  · 

        Any update on the migration to v2 ?

      • dandan commented  · 

        target date 1H 2014?

        I think most people that wanted node websockets support 2-3 years ago when initially "coming soon" have moved elsewhere

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Just added 3 votes. When I saw that AppFog had regional support for Asia, and NodeJS I was all ready to sign up and migrate to AppFog. Better memory management and data centres are two things that AppFog does better than Heroku. But without WebSockets support, the migration won't happen. Total show stopper.

      • David GardnerAdminDavid Gardner (AppFog Sr. Product Manager, AppFog) commented  · 

        The v1 => v2 migration is planned for Q1 2015. We will automatically migrate all accounts, apps, data, env vars, settings, and SSL certs assigned to custom (user provided) domains.

        We will auto-forward HTTP/S requests to AppFog-generated application URLs. Customers will need to update their DNS A Records only if they have not followed the best practice of using CNAME Records instead of A Records for their apps (to avoid ephemeral load balancer issues)

        Of course, we will accommodate these users by scheduling the migration date & time with them.

        Although we will be migrating all paid accounts (including trials) to the new platform, the plan for legacy free accounts (no longer avail) is still tbd. Feel free to submit ticket to support [at] AppFog {dot} com if you have app- or account-specific questions.

      • AJBAJB commented  · 

        Ha. Well I didn't actually expect a response that quickly. Thanks for the info, David.

        So now, how will migrating from v1 to v2 be handled for existing apps on AFv1? Seamless behind the scenes? Manual trigger? Code or no code? Is there an 'beta' migration guide you can release?

        Some context: I'm right in the middle of PaaS shopping (thanks for your sympathy, but I'm handling it pretty well) and I'd like to know much sooner than later what I'm looking at for migration between major versions.

      • AJBAJB commented  · 

        Yeah, this is disgraceful.

        Are you guys really just ignoring this for years as though it'll someday go away? Maybe hire some consultants to take care of the tough stuff?

      • Scott StenslandScott Stensland commented  · 

        +3 votes here - any node.js hosting service ***MUST*** provide websockets - I am moving off AppFog - they have had more than enough time to get this working

      • JesseJesse commented  · 

        Thought about moving here from Heroku- but without websocket support and it's been over a year! Yikes! Voted +3 but most likely won't be here when websockets get release- doesn't look like anytime soon!

      • Wow! still no update on this. You acquired Nodester (a free node.js PaaS) who sufficiently supported websockets and seems you cannot incorporate/replicate their infrastructure/technology with your own systems. This is kind of incomprehensible. Would it be too much to ask when we are all expected to hear from you with an ETA or whether or not you will be supporting this at all please.

        Its been a year since we first enquired about this and only once has their been some weak feedback.

        Please, can you kindly do the public a favour and let us know what's going on.

        Thank You.

      • Peter JenkinsPeter Jenkins commented  · 

        Ping! ETA?

        This is mandatory for me to start using AppFog. Otherwise I will use a competitor or EC2. Not socket.io, must be pure websockets.

      • RogerRoger commented  · 

        Can we get an actual answer?
        If it's honestly going to take a while to add, then please let us know, rather than just dragging us along.

      • TracyTracy commented  · 

        Hi everyone

        We're working on it. That's all I can tell you right now - sorry about that.!

        ~Tracy | AppFog | Tech Support Engineer

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Any news about this issue? When are we going to have websockets on appfog?
        There are any other free hosting alternative?

      • jonjon commented  · 

        I'm looking at node.js hosting options, and while a lot of things about AppFog seem positive, the lack of responsiveness on this issue is a big red flag to me.

      • KaloopKaloop commented  · 

        More than 2 months after, still no feedback from AppFog...

        Please, do something!!!

      • Ex-Nodester UserEx-Nodester User commented  · 

        Tracy?.Anyone...? Please can you let kindly let us know that little 'SOMETHING'. Thank you.

      • DamianDamian commented  · 

        wow, I don't know why you keep ignoring community with such a case. 3 votes for this.

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